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This place is first class all the way! Mike is awesome and above all very honest! Unlike most dealerships.....these guys will in most cases look at your car without an appointment as they did me. They didn't charge me to take a look at my brakes and tell me if they needed replacing which is the norm around town...1-200 just to look at your car!!!!.....the funny thing is i was almost sure i needed new brakes and Mike actually talked me out of it explaining there was plenty of tread left and to wait. that is something! These characteristics are extremely hard to find in the auto repair business and I commend these guys on their ethics and great service!!!!


$3600 estimate was a $3900 charge. Promised for Wednesday early afternoon. I emailed I'd be there Thursday at 7:30 AM open. They got "busy". To busy to let me know. Were nice enough Thursday morning offering me a rental apologizing for not letting me know... Car was done at one. My second time there. $125/hour and everything seems billable. Must be careful about what I ask about, mention!? $3900 included a good will discount. Do like them. Think they do good work. Curious about replacing not just belts but also pulleys, Not heard that before. 2003 330xi in for its 90k, Also did front end bushings and rear brake overhaul. Thinking twice before going back...

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