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J&F Motors Ltd 32 Point Inspection

We utilize a 32 point inspection guide custom designed for the European vehicles to prioritize your maintenance needs. Starting with a general inspection of lights, fluids, battery, tires, v-belts & pulleys, hoses, and brake inspection, we provide you with an evaluation and recommendations to keep your car running healthy.

Maintenance Saves You Gas

Performing the recommended services we suggest will save you time and money by helping prevent or delay repairs. These days everyone is concerned about rising gas costs. Regular maintenance gives your car better gas mileage and higher resale value.

Maintenance Keeps Your Car Safer

We care about you and your family traveling in the safest vehicle possible. Scheduled maintenance helps your vehicle achieve a longer life by replacing and cleaning systems and components before they fail, causing damage to your vehicle or leaving you stranded. We make it easy to schedule maintenance with the online appointment request on this website or simply give us a call.

Breakdowns are expensive and sometimes risk your safety. The very best way to avoid breakdowns is through proper maintenance. When you care for your car, it cares for you — it’s that simple.

To give an example, a transmission service may cost a $350.00 ever 2-3 years. But a neglected transmission that is running on worn out lubricating fluids inside can cost a lot more to repair. Many vehicles today can cost $3,000 to 7,000 to rebuild or replace a bad transmission. There is just no comparison. It certainly saves you money, time and inconvenience when you have your maintenance performed properly.

Maintenance Increases Your Car’s Resale Value

Think about selling your car with a few problems, compared to one you feel confident with and has no problems. You certainly get more for your vehicle if your maintenance has been kept up. In fact some buyers want to see your maintenance records (by the way we can print them out for you if needed). They will more quickly buy a vehicle that has been maintained and will pay a higher dollar for it too.

Maintenance Keeps Your Car Running Longer

Today, many people want to keep their car longer and only replace it when they really want to. When you car has an expensive failure, sometimes it forces us to sell the car. However when you keep up on your maintenance, the car simply runs longer and avoids more breakdowns and failures than a care that hasn’t been maintained.

If you have any questions about our car maintenance services, contact us or call 703-671-7757 today! We are more than happy to help our customers in the Arlington Virginia area.

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