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When Do You Need a Brake Rotor Replacement?

It is easy to know when you need new brake pads. The squealing noises from your brakes and the brake warning light are enough signs. On the other hand, determining if you require a new brake rotor is relatively difficult. Brake rotors experience significant wear and tear despite being made from sturdy metal. The following are signs you need a brake rotor replacement:


When you step on the brake pedal, you will feel a particular pulsation caused by the engagement of the Automatic Braking System (ABS). If a brake rotor is in good shape, there should be no further sound or vibration. With time, the brake rotor will start to wobble, and the wobble or runout will increase.

You need a brake rotor replacement when the runout causes brake pulsation and steering wheel vibration when you brake. The mechanic will measure it and tell you if the wobble is causing the pulsation.


Riding the brakes or long braking when driving downhill can easily cause deformation of the rotor and lead to a warped brake rotor. When you brake with a warped rotor, the brakes may overheat.

Resurfacing or machining the warped rotor may fix the issue. However, the damage may be so large that replacing the brake rotor is the only choice.

Rotor Thickness

Brake rotors have a minimum thickness, like brake pads. Regular use will erode the rotor thickness, and so will machining it.

Go to a mechanic and have them use a micrometer to measure the rotor thickness. If the rotor is below minimum thickness, it will lead to overheating and warping. Also, check for the tapering from the inner tracks to the outer ones. Thin and tapering rotors need immediate replacement.

There are many signs that you need brake rotor replacement, including the above. Bring your car to J & F Motors Ltd for brake rotor replacement.


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