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Monthly Archives: March 2023

What Is An Alternator?

What Is An Alternator?

Alternators are a critical element of a car's electrical system, providing the power necessary to keep the battery charged and all the electrical systems working. Read on to learn more about what alternators do, and whether they are still prevalent in vehicles today. What Is An Alternator? A vehicle alternator is a type of generator that creates alternating current electricity. It is responsible for supplying the battery with power and powering the electrical systems in a car while the engine is running. The alternator operates by converting mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy, which is then used to do above mentioned tasks. Alternators are the reasons why your car's lights, radio, air conditioning, and other accessories can do what they do. Without a working alternator, your engine will not be able to turn on for long. Are Alternators Still in Cars Today? Yes, alternators are still used in most vehicles today. While some newer cars may use ... read more

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