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Signs You Need New Shocks or Struts

A car's suspension system is indispensable as it provides smooth and comfortable rides. When your car ride feels too bumpy, the chances are that your shocks and struts are going bad. With new suspension parts, you will gain better control and handling of the car.

Like any other car component, shocks and struts can decline from normal wear and tear. The first telltale sign of failing shocks is a greasy appearance, which means they are damaged. Driving with poor suspension doesn't just affect your ride quality, but it can prematurely wear down your tires. Furthermore, your other suspension components can also decline along with it. 

Below are the signs that indicate you need to replace your shocks or struts:

  • Your vehicle is drifting during turns
  • You experience instability when accelerating
  • The front end of the car rises, and the back end squats
  • Your tires are wearing down unevenly
  • Your vehicle bounces excessively
  • You notice fluid leaks on the surface of the shocks and struts

As soon as you experience any of the warning signs listed above, you must bring your car to a professional auto repair shop for an inspection. When you bring your vehicle to J & F Motors Ltd, our certified technicians will carefully examine your suspension and surrounding areas. We'll accurately diagnose your problem and make any repairs necessary so that you can be back on the road soon.


If you need shocks or struts replacement in Arlington, VA, or surrounding areas, let J & F Motors Ltd help!

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