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Main Differences Between Diesel Engines Vs. Gas-Powered Engines

When buying a car or truck, one must consider whether needs. And one of the questions that may arise is: do you want a diesel or the standard engine? To find out which one is right for you, you must determine your needs. Read on to learn more about how these two engine types work and the major differences between the two. 

Engine Processes

Fortunately, both engines operate using internal combustion. In other words, fuel and air are ignited in the engine to convert the fuel into mechanical energy. The ignition process does look slightly different. In diesel engines, the air enters the engine chambers to get compressed and generate heat. Gas-powered engines use spark-fired combustion, meaning it requires spark plugs to kick off the ignition process.

Fuel Injection

This is a major difference between the two types of engines. In the standard gasoline engine, fuel is released into the engine by a carburetor or electronic fuel injectors. For carburetors, the air and fuel are combined before it goes through the compression process. In diesel motors, the fuel gets injected directly into the cylinder. 


If horsepower is important to you, then a standard gas engine is best for you. However, diesel engines will likely give you more torque. Torque is the load a motor can handle to generate power to rotate the engine on its axis. This explains why most trucks and other heavy-duty automobiles are designed with predominantly diesel engines to haul heavier loads. 


If you have a diesel-powered engine, know that you can trust the experts at J & F Motors Ltd. We have experienced mechanics who can handle services and repairs on both gas-powered vehicles and diesel vehicles. Please give us a call or visit soon if you have any questions or concerns. 

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