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Common vehicle sounds that indicate trouble

Sometimes cars generate weird sounds that might signify a problem that requires urgent repairs. Ignoring the auditory signals (noise) can lead to numerous preventable damages to your car. Therefore, when you hear unfamiliar sounds from your vehicle, don't hesitate to drive to a car repair shop for prompt repairs. Some of the sounds that are indicators of trouble include:

Squealing sounds

When starting your car, you might hear a loud screeching or squealing sound as you crank the ignition. It is an indicator that the serpentine belt is probably malfunctioning. The noise might also indicate the belt is coming to the end of its lifespan and requires a quick replacement.

Failure to seek immediate repairs, the serpentine belt that connects to numerous components of your car, including the compressor, power steering system, pumps, and alternator, can leave you stranded on the side of the road due to a sudden breakdown resulting from a cracked belt.

Squeaking or Whining Noise

Car owners can also hear whining, groaning, or squeaking sounds whenever they make a turn, a sign of an issue with the power steering system or hydraulic system. The fluid in the hydraulic system might be low, the pump failing, or air moving to the lines, leading to strange noises.

Rattling Sounds

Another problematic noise from your car might be a rattling sound from the wheels. A failing engine, suspension system, or bushings creates a vibrating or rattling sound whenever you drive over a bump.

Brushings, the rubber part in the suspension systems, are responsible for reducing friction and preventing vibrations. When it fails or wears down due to aging, your car produces rattling and vibrating sounds.

Loud Bang

In addition to the above noises that prove a problem with your car is a loud explosive bang. The sound might be due to fuel burning as the fuel-to-air ratio is proportional to more fuel than air. A malfunctioning spark plug can also create sounds. Failure to heed the noise as a warning of a looming issue, your car might end up with a damaged exhaust system.

Getting Unusual Car Noises? Have an Expert Take a Look

If your car generates any of the above sounds or other weird noises, you can bring your car to J & F Motors Ltd for prompt inspections and repairs.

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