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Monthly Archives: February 2022

What Causes a Speedometer to Stop Working?

What Causes a Speedometer to Stop Working?

As a responsible and safe driver, you probably use and rely on your speedometer every time you drive. If you're not familiar with the term, your vehicle's speedometer is the thing that tells you how fast your car is traveling in miles per hour. If your speedometer is not working correctly, your safety is very much at risk. Without knowing how fast your vehicle is traveling, monitoring your speed against traffic is nearly impossible. And often, a broken speedometer can lead to accidents, injuries, and speeding tickets. If you suspect that your speedometer is inaccurate or isn't working, please bring your car to J & F Motors Ltd for a check-up.   Did you know that the speedometer in your vehicle is connected with the transmission and the rotation of the driveshaft? Those parts' motions translate to how fast your wheels/tires spin. When your speedometer is malfunctioning, odds are your cruise control won't work either. Furthermore, it may also trigger a dash ... read more

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