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4 Bad Fuel Filter Symptoms to Watch Out For

Your car almost entirely runs of fuel, which means that any issue with the fuel system will potentially affect the car functioning. For instance, the fuel filter can cause a lot of challenges. So if you suspect a faulty fuel filter, here are some symptoms you might notice;


If your engine frequently stops out while you're on the road, your fuel filter may be unclean. Again, depending on how bad the obstruction was, your automobile could just start up again with no apparent loss of power. Stalls increase in frequency or get worse when accelerating as the obstruction gets worse and fuel supply is more erratic. It's probably time to change the filter because it is becoming entirely blocked.

Increased Fuel Consumption

You might want to check your gas filter if your vehicle's fuel usage starts to seem unpleasantly high. Your engine may run tight when your gas filter is blocked, squandering oil as it works harder to maintain your car. You can decrease the burden and gain more mileage by replacing or cleaning your gasoline filter.

Your Car Is Difficult To Start

There are a variety of causes for an engine to have trouble starting, including faulty spark plugs, a dead battery, and alternator problems. It could also indicate that insufficient fuel is getting to the combustion chambers.

If a pressure test reveals low PSI, your fuel supply, such as a defective fuel filter, blocked injectors, or a malfunctioning fuel pump, is to blame. Even so, it's unlikely that a blocked fuel filter will stop the engine from starting as its initial symptom.

Low Performance/Engine Misfires

A poor fuel filter will frequently result in engine misfiring. A brief cleaning could assist in certain circumstances, but you might potentially require a complete replacement. Additionally, you could require a new filter if fuel economy starts to decline or the engine starts acting strangely or unpredictably. Withdrawing the fuel filter and puffing into it will allow you to quickly inspect the fuel filter's condition even if none of these signs exist. It is safe to use if air can travel through. If not, it must be replaced.

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