Corporate Philosophy

Mechanic Speaking with a Customer Customer satisfaction is our highest goal!

We hope when you think “J&F Motors Ltd,” these three words come to mind: dependability, integrity, and accuracy. As an independent auto repair shop specializing in European Auto Repair, we are dedicated to providing our DC Metro Area customers with only the highest-quality service.

The automotive industry has become increasingly complex during the last two decades. For automotive repair facilities, this has led to the need for more specialized repair shops. With many repair facilities losing their independence & being bought up by larger corporations.

J&F Motors Ltd has so far successfully managed this process as an independent family-owned company, not least because of its clear company philosophy, which is based on a comprehensive understanding of quality. This understanding extends not only to product quality issues but also all activities of the company.

This requirement for total quality was formulated as early as 36 years ago. The starting point for everything is quality which ensures our highest goal – namely customer satisfaction. It can only be achieved if each employee makes customer satisfaction their own goal and assumes personal responsibility for achieving this goal. Therefore the company’s strategic mission is to not only demand but also promote the corporate responsibility of each J&F Motors Ltd employee – regardless of their position in the company. As a result, J&F Motors Ltd organizational structures and processes have always been aligned to ensure that they allow for responsibility on the part of each employee.

This company philosophy forms the basis for J&F Motors Ltd continued success.

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