Independent Audi Service Specialists

It makes the sense to take your Audi to the dealer for all warranty related work. However, for routine servicing and minor repairs, independent Audi mechanics are a perfect option to save yourself time and money, without voiding your factory warranty. Bring your Audi to J&F Motors LTD in Alexandria, VA. Our ASE certified technicians have the experience and training needed to repair and service Audi vehicles on the roads today. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of most European car manufacturers and diligently stay on top of new methods of service, without losing sight of the history of these companies.

With J&F, you have a reliable team of expert Audi mechanics whose knowledge of Audi vehicles are unparalleled in the DC Metro area. When you trust your Audi to us, you also have a dedicated team who are interested in you and your car. We understand all the intricacies associated with Audi and the more you allow us to work on your car, the better understanding we have of the specific vehicle. Building a relationship with the service technician who works under the hood, is better for you and your Audi in the long run, rather than dealing with a different dealer’s service representative every time you take your car in.

Value & Convenience in Alexandria

J&F is a well-organized and expertly run shop, with 13 vehicle bays to service your car. We use Original Equipment parts or top-quality aftermarket parts that are superior to what the car manufacturer recommends. We stand by our service with a full 2-year, 24,000-mile warranty. Check our European car services page here and see everything we can assist you with.

Audi Specialists

With our focus on European manufacturers, we have learned all the specialties of these cars. Each car possesses its own factory service plan, and we can guide you through them. Call 703-671-7757 or click here to schedule an appointment for your Audi with J&F Motors LTD, your European car specialist.

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